Castles Trunk Party Ideas


  • Sword fight-dress up and have 2 kids “fight” with hard breadsticks or hard pretzel rods.
  • Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: included in trunk
  • Land of Dragons Game: Hide little dragon cards (in trunk binder) around the room and have kids find them.
  • Puppet Show: Set up puppet theater (included) and have a few puppet shows with our great set of puppets.


  • princess fruit snacks
  • gold and silver Hershey nuggets
  • golden popcorn (caramel popcorn)


  • Decorate foam castle or frame.*
  • Decorate shield made of foam or poster board.
  • Decorate paper crown with foam shapes or stick on jewels.
    (We have crowns if you need them.)
  • *always a good idea to bring hot glue gun for parent to use in case foam shapes don’t stick well.

Castle Trunk Inventory

Queen/Princess dresses 7
Knight/Warrior outfits 7
Merlin robes 2
Court jester w/ jester hat 1
Dragon suits 2
Unicorn 1
White horses 2
King’s robe 1
Serf outfit 1

Crowns, tiaras, Jewelry, hats, vest, scarves, helmets, shields.

Binder with storybook, ideas for crafts/games/food

Games: ring toss, beanbag toss, pin the horn on the unicorn

*****Craft (if you want this craft to be included, please let us know ahead of time)
Paper gold crowns with fun foam “jewels” to glue or stick on for each child to make.

Puppet theater with castle puppets available (just ask ahead)