Dinosaur Trunk Party


  • Dino Egg Hunt: Place small dino sticker or plastic dino in plastic Easter eggs. Hide them around the room and have kids look for them.
  • Fossil making: Use play dough or clay to press small plastic dinos or plastic dino skeletons in to make fossils. Place in baggies to take home.
  • Hot Potato: Sit kids in a circle. Play music as they pass around a stuffed dino or dino “egg”. Stop music occasionaly and the child with the hot potato must sit in middle (or just get “caught” and laugh)!
  • Dino dig: Fill a large plastic container with sand. Hide small dinos, rocks, play bones in sand and have kids dig for them.
  • Geodes: Purchase geodes (oriental trading company.com)
    And have kids use small hammers to crack them. Parent help needed.


  • dino crackers
  • gummy dinos


  • Mural: As kids arrive, they could start coloring on a large piece of butcher paper, using stencils and stickers to decorate.

Dinosaur Trunk Inventory

Dinosaur 1 piece costume 6
Dinosaur shirt/pants 2 of each
Dinosaur hats 2
Dinosaur masks 12
Paleontologist outfit 2
Hat, shirt, vest, shorts, bandannas
Plastic “stomping” dino feet 2 pair

Dinosaur puppet, stencils, matching game, “eggs” to hide, plastic dinosaurs to play with, cameras, binoculars.