Superhero Trunk Party


  • Superhero Obstacle Course-use hula hoops, ropes, chairs, boxes, pillows, etc. to create obstacle course.
  • Villain Tie Up: form two groups of kids. Have 2 parents be the villains. Sit villains in chairs and let superheroes tie them up.
    (with toilet paper!)
  • Superhero tattoos and/or face painting


  • Superhero fruit snacks
  • power bars
  • bugles snacks (claws)
  • powerade
  • gatorade
  • Transforming drink: place colored ice cubes (made with food coloring) in sprite/7up and the drink transforms.


  • Design and decorate shield made of foam or poster board.
  • Finger print ID cards: Make fingerprint cards with index cards and a washable ink pad and decorate.

Superhero Trunk Inventory

Small size 2-4:
Ninja 1
Fantastic Four 1
Yu gi oh 1
Spiderman 2
Power Ranger 1

Medium size 4-6:
Fantastic Four 9
Army Hero 2
Zorro 1
Spiderman 1
Captain America 1
Star Wars 2
Batman 1

Large size 6-10:
Ninja Turtle 1
Spiderman 3
Batman 2
Ninja 1
Fantastic Four 1
Army Hero 1

Belts, hats, capes, masks, accessories, phones, gadgets.
Excellent storybook and game ideas in a binder.