Safari Trunk Party


  • Jungle Animal Freeze-Kids dance to music while dressed up. Stop music and they freeze. Call out a jungle animal name and they strike a pose like that animal.
  • Animal Charades-cut out pictures or write the name of jungle animals on index cards. Have kids draw one and act it out for the group.
  • Safari Hunt-Dressed as hunters or animals kids try to find small plastic jungle animals that a parent has hidden in the party area.
  • Jungle Ball Toss-Toss balls into the hole and win a jungle sticker.
    (ask for this game in advance, please)
  • Hot Potato with jungle rubber snake: Sit kids in a circle. Play music while they pass around a rubber snake or other small animal. Stop music and whoever is holding the snake goes into the middle of the circle. Repeat.


  • gummy bugs
  • gummy worms
  • “cup of dirt” pudding snack
  • Trail mix
  • “ants on a log” raisins on peanut butter spread on celery
  • Bananas
  • animal crackers


  • Paper plate snakes cut plate in a spiral after kids have colored it.
  • Binoculars: hot glue 2 toliet paper rolls together, decorate and punch holes in sides for yarn. Cover lens with colored cellophane wrap if desired.
  • Buggy Frame: Decorate foam frame with foam bug shapes.
  • Buggy Door Hanger

Safari Trunk Inventory

Animal costume (full body)
Monkey 2 and Small Monkey 2T quantity 1
Elephant 1
Snake 1
Black jungle cat 1
Gorilla 1
White tiger 1
Tiger suit 2
Lion 1

Animal print clothes (separates)
Cheetah, reptile, leopard, tiger

Pants 7
Shirts 7
Black fuzzy slippers 1

Safari gear:
Shirts 3
Shorts 4
Vests 4
Safari hats 2

African tunics 2

Animal masks, headbands, scarves, plastic jungle animals, cameras, binoculars, bandanas, glasses, net, “first aid kit”, Cheetah stick pony,
Jungle ball toss game.