Pirate Trunk Party


  • Walk the Plank: Spread out blue “water” and set out a plank. Spread small plastic sea creatures on the water and have kids walk the plank. (this is available on request)
  • Treasure Hunt: Before the party, hide gold coins and gems around the room. Kids hunt for treasures. You can also provide each child a liittle treasure chest to hold treasures.
  • Pin the eye patch on the Pirate: game availble on request.
  • Hook the treasure: cut an X into the bottom of a 16oz. plastic cup. Insert a candy cane for a hook. Put rounded pretzels in a big bowl and see if kids can hook a pretzel.
  • Sword fight: provide hard pretzel rods or hard breadsticks and have 2 kids “fight”. (best outside)


  • gummy sharks, fish, octopus
  • Corn pops (gold nuggets)
  • Goldfish or whale crackers
  • gold and silver Hershey’s nuggets
  • Breadsticks.


  • Pirate Flags: decorate small blank flags with skull and crossbones.
  • Treasure Chests: Decorate small chests with jewel stick ons or other decorations.
  • Treasure Maps: make a treasure map with pirate stickers.
  • Telescopes: Decorate paper towel rolls with stickers, gems, markers and cover one opening with cellophane.

Pirate Trunk Inventory

White pirate shirts 7
Black pants 9
Pirate vests 8
Jacket 1
Pirate suit 1 piece 1
Pirate boy outfit 2
Girl pirate dresses/outfits 5
Black boots 2 pair
Pirate hats 4

Belts, head scarves, jewelry, eye patches, parrots, treasure chest with coins and jewels, “Walk the Plank” game with plastic sea creatures, Pin the patch on the Pirate game.