When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up… Trunk Party


  • Career Stations: Set up stations for play: doctor, vet. builder, salon, teacher, bank
  • Put in supplies and let kids dress up and play in stations.
    • Doctor: doctor kits, band aids, bandages, stickers
    • Vet. stuffed animals, doctor kit
    • Builder: plastic play tools, legos
    • Salon: smocks, hair dryer, curlers
    • Teacher: dry erase board, paper, crayons, books
    • Bank: play money, envelopes, stampers


  • Payday bars
  • chocolate coins


  • Decorate large paper people cut outs like your chosen career.
  • Make police or fire hats out of construction paper.
  • Many community helper crafts are available on Internet.
  • **Each trunk comes with a binder that includes other party ideas and a storybook.

When I Grow Up… Trunk Inventory

Astronaut 1
Construction worker 2
Vet./Doctor 5
Business suit man and woman 1 each
Police Officer 2
Fireman 3
Nurse 1
Scientist lab coat 2
Chef 1
Beauty Operator 2
Beauty smock 2
Race car driver 1

Caps: Fire, Painter

Construction 4
Fireman 3
Police Officer 4
Band Leader 1
Army 2

Tool sets, doctor/vet kits, hair dryers, computer keyboard, phones, stuffed animals for vet.