Farm Trunk Party


  • Stick Horse Run: Line up kids and, one at a time, have them “gallop” on a stick horse around a cone and return. Hand out small sticker or prize.
  • Corn Shucking: Purchase fresh corn and have kids sit in a circle and shuck one ear of corn. Put each child’s corn in a baggie to take home.
  • Fishin’ Hole: Inflate baby pool (included in trunk) and drop in “fish”. Use fishing poles (dowel rods) to catch the fish.
  • Duck Pond: Inflate baby pool . Add several rubber duckies and have kids use a net to fish them out. Could be used as party favor.
  • Pin the Tail on the donkey: included in trunk
  • Animal Sound Game: Draw or write the name of a farm animal on an index card. Sit kids in a circle and pass out cards. Each child makes the sound of his/her animal for the group.
  • Dance: bunny hop, chicken dance, hokey pokey
  • Duck Duck Goose: sit in a circle. One child stands and goes around the circle touching each child’s head and calling them “duck”. He chooses one person to be the “goose” and that person must chase him back to the empty seat.


  • cheese cracker bunnies or ducks
  • bob for apples
  • watermelon (have seed spitting contest)


  • Cut out red barn from construction paper or foam, decorate with foam farm animals.
  • Farm Foam frame.

Farm Trunk Inventory

Overalls 8 pair
Western shirts 9
Western vests 3
Cowboy boots 3 pair
Cowboy hats 8
Bandanas 9
Farm animal masks 10
Dog costume 1
Small pig costume 2T quantity 1
Small dog costume 2-4T quantity 1
Horse costume 2
Stick horses 2
Rabbit ears 3
Farm animal hats 12

Farm music CD, Fishin’ hole w/ “fish and rods”, Farm animal puppets and puppet theater.