Circus Trunk Party


  • Clown spin game: Sit kids in a circle and pass out clown cards, spin the spinner and give a small sticker or prize to the winners.
    (game is included in trunk)
  • Ring of Fire: Decorate a hula hoop with red, orange, yellow streamers. Have kids jump through hoop. Included in trunk are felt “fire” balls to throw through hoop or in a bucket. (please let us know if you need these supplies, we have them)
  • Circus Tent: upon request we have a pop up circus tent to play in.
  • Paint Faces: if desired, paint clown faces on kids.
  • Tightrope Walk: Spread out our 3 circus “rings” and spread out a jump rope or other long rope and have kids walk across.
  • Pin the Nose on the Clown: game included in trunk.
  • Clown Relay: make 2 lines and have a preselected clown outfit( suit, wig, nose, bowtie, etc. for each line. Kids will dress up and run relay races.


  • circus peanuts
  • shelled peanuts
  • animal crackers
  • popcorn


  • Party hats: decorate plain cone shaped party hats with foam shapes or stickers.*

*always a good idea to bring hot glue gun for parent to use in case foam shapes don’t stick well.

Circus Trunk Inventory

Trapeze artist/acrobat 10
Ringmaster vest 7
Ringmaster pants 7
Ringmaster jacket 2
Top Hat 3
Clown outfit 4
Clown wig 6
Clown shoes 2 pair
Clown noses, masks
Dog costume 1
Elephant costume 1
Horse costume 2
White tiger costume 1
Lion 1

Pop up tent available, Beanbag toss game, ring toss game, ring of fire game,
Tightrope walk, pin the nose on the clown game.